Logo Frimont

Logo Frimont
Refrigeration systems

FRIMONT is a company whose main objective is to give an integral solution to the problem of refrigeration and cooling of industrial processes.

Its platform is a solid engineering base, built day after day from the research on the phenomenology that takes part in the area of thermal transfers to its own development of computing tools for evaluation, numerical simulation and design.

Logo Frimont
Research, development and service

FRIMONT´s concept is to provide clear precise and easy solutions.

When a customer gets in touch with FRIMONT to start a project, the company’s whole organization and potential is put at the customer’s disposal to perform:

  • Engineering in new plants.
  • Reengineering and optimization of existing cooling facilities.
  • Construction of the necessary machines and equipments in our factory.
  • Complete assembly and engineering management.
  • Setup of the refrigeration and evaporative cooling systems.
  • Preventive and emergency maintenance with a wide services infrastructure.

To be able to cope with this compromise, excellent personnel with an outstanding training is required.

This is what FRIMONT is offering to its customers, who in turn have repaid with fidelity throughout these years.

The work and services carried out by FRIMONT have helped to strengthen links and have developed steady technical and human reliability.